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Apologize if this is a duplicate post.

This 2121 MSLR is my third (since 2013) MS.
I have now driven the car 2000 miles, including eight 200 mile road trips. Here are my likes and dislikes.

I love the on off simplicity: disconnect your seatbelt and you are done after driving. Fasten your seat belt, step on the brake, and you are ready to go, with the car automatically in the correct gear.

Unlike the pre 2021, on which the feature was absolutely useless, the automatic windshield wipers work brilliantly.

The foregoing are the only improvements over prior years, which is sad ...

Other likes
400 miles range is nice but I'm not certain how much I will ever use it.

The car is apparently much quicker 0 - 60 but that is of no use to me. My 2017 MS100D was plenty quick.

I like these two features because they will be good for resale.

In terms of actually driving the car, it is in no way any better than my 2017 S100.

Neutral: features that are okay but that I can easily live without:

Yoke. don't mind it at all but in no way prefer it to a wheel. It seems a pointless change, done only to be different. I hate to be trite but, why reinvent the wheel? And it could be a resale negative; Read the blogs: a lot of people hate it.

Haptic turn signals. A real hassle at first, but the learning curve was short; they are surprisingly easy to adapt to and I like them fine. I do feel that the limited real estate on the yoke could be put to MUCH better uses, however.

Much of this is probably just personal preference but these certainly are mine.

In general, having to do almost everything on the touchscreen except cruise control and radio volume is a major, major setback and, for me, a major disadvantage to this car. Mr. Musk apparently feels he needs to prepare us now for a future when cars are completely driverless, but we are not even close to that, many folks won't even want it, and we sure don't need this now. It is more likely that Tesla took away all the stalks and switches to save money.

Two of my favorite features on my previous two Model Ss were the ability to change media stations, and the ability to adjust the climate control temperature, with the scroll wheels. One also had the ability to bring up almost any feature on the instrument panel with the scroll wheels. The 2021 has none of that and I believe the fact that you have to go to the touch screen for almost everything is not only very inconvenient but very, very dangerous. It is baffling to me why I can't open SXM or change stations or bring up a station with voice control. If I ask the car to open Sirius XM and it tries to navigate me to SiriusXM. (It can ever find it!) If I ask it to put on Fox News and it navigates me to Fox News in New York. Wow.

Example: doing almost anything with the climate control requires looking away from the road, finding the little button, bringing it up and figuring out where on the display is the thing you want to do and then do it. Too much time with the eyes off the road. You can change the temperature with voice control, when it works, which is not all the time. And it is not as convenient,anyway. You have to engage with the Yoke button to do that so why not just do it directly with the scroll wheel?

Example: changing a media station, in this example,SXM. With the pre 2021 interface, your favorites are always listed on the bottom of the screen and you can scroll through them and change stations with a scroll wheel. For this car, they are only displayed once you open SXM and select the favorites tab; not by default, which is LOGICAL. Once you then choose a favorite, the favorites disappear and are replaced by suggested similar stations to that particular favorite. So if you were listening to a favorite like BBC and want to change to Fox Sports you have to take your eyes off the road and go to the main screen, find and touch the select favorites button and then find the favorite you want, and they're always in a different order. Too much time with the eyes off the road and too dangerous
Tiny haptic horn button makes a quick horn difficult

No heads up display

Elimination of the glove box button. How does this improve the driver - or passenger- experience If my wife wants access, she has to ask me to do a voice command? Stupid. What does it save? A few bucks per car?

No odometer display available in the instrument panel.

No BSW in the mirror. The BSW “chime” feature doesn’t even work

Can’t view Sentry events. What good is it?

The $110,000 car does not come supplied with the necessary equipment to charge it at home or on the road at a non SuperCharger station. For home charging, Tesla recommends (or did in the past) a 220 V 50 amp line with a NEMA 1450, which I have, but then they only supply a NEMA 5-15 adapter. Who charges this car at home on 110? Not only do they make you buy this, they don’t even advise you of this at any time in the sales or delivery process so you get home with no ability to charge your car. This is nickel diming your customer in a disgusting fashion. And no J1772 adapter either. Time spent charging on a road trip is a major EV negative, one which can be partially improved by overnight charging at your hotel. Many do not have Tesla Destination Chargers.

The all glass panoramic roof is awful, because It acts like a gigantic radiator, absorbing the sun and cooking the inside of the car. I put an infrared reader on it and have gotten temperatures of 160 degrees. I spent $500 for the best tint made and it helps very little. Also, here in Arizona, flying stones which destroy windshields are very common - in 20 years we’ve averaged about one per year. Fortunately, this costs nothing with good insurance, but glass coverage does not cover these roofs so I am sometime in the next year looking at a $1,000 deductible repair. Count on it. It will probably be an annual event.

The fact that the nearest, lightest touch activates the windshield wipers drives me absolutely batty as it happens accidentally and constantly. It should be relocated to the inside of the Yoke and and/or require a firm conscious push to activate it.

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2121 you say. Curious, which BETA version of FSD does it have ;)

In all seriousness, I can't imagine the auto gear select making THAT much of a difference. Right now I get in my 3/Y and just pull down on the stalk and drive off. Getting out of the car is even easier as I don't do anything other then get up. Car auto shifts to park as soon as I open the door and get up.
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