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Anyone know what's going on here (see attached photos and I have alerted Tesla Service).

I appears that the front air conditioner's louver is coming unglued toward the right side (this is on the driver's side of the car). If I hold my hands up toward the air flow, I do notice a very slight difference in air pressure (with the right being less). This doesn't seem like a major problem now, but wondering if it will get worse over time and if anyone else has had experience with this issue.

Thanks for your replies

***UPDATE #1***

I called TS. They were very nice and accommodating (as they always have been). They said they would order the new part, and once it comes in, they would send mobile service out to fix. I got the impression they would first try to fix the existing part, and then have the new part on hand in case they needed to replace. Great solution as I don't have to bring my car to a service center only to wait days/weeks for a part.

***UPDATE #2***

After weeks of waiting I still have not received a call back that the part has come in. That's the bad news. But the good new is my car was at the service center yesterday (for an unrelated issue) - I showed the tech the sagging the louver and they replaced it in under an hour (looks and performs perfectly now).

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Yes, it looks like on my driver side, I am seeing small separation (see below). On the passenger side, it looks just fine.

Driver side...
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Passenger side...
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Since mine does not look as bad, I am going to wait and see how they resolve it on vehicles with worse condition.

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I always wait these things out. If it is a problem why would putting the same thing in resolve it? I wait for part “PN-NNNN-Rev B”.
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