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The designs of Bomely Teala Model Y Ixterior accessories are also colorful. They are all designed according to the needs of Tesla owners and fit closely with the original car.

Many people have already purchased them at Amazon Bomely store with good reviews.Thank you Tesla friends for their trust. At the same time, you can also put forward more ideas about the design of accessories.

Model Y interior accessories as follow:
2021 2022 Pet Barrier - ASIN: B09XB5B32L
Dog Vehicle Car Dog breed Hood

2020-2022 Seat Slide Rail Cover 9 Pcs - ASIN: B09QGD4V7S
White Light Automotive design Automotive lighting Material property

2020-2021 Under Seat Lights - ASIN: B09ZNMTK2Y
Automotive parking light Tire Car Wheel Vehicle

2017-2022 Center Console Cover - ASIN: B0B1PV6BCQ
Car Automotive design Car seat cover Hood Automotive tire

2020-2022 Rear Trunk Storage Box (5-Seater, Upgrade) - ASIN: B09P4PWWS5
Grey Sleeve Automotive exterior Tie Tints and shades

2020-2022 Frunk Cooler Organizer (Insulated) - ASIN: B09HZ89R3X
Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Automotive design Sleeve

2020-2022 3D TPR Liners (7-Seater, Set of 8 Mats) - ASIN: B09NSB3XJS

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Car

2020-2022 TPE Mats (5-Seater, Set of 9 Mats) - ASIN: B09QHKX86Q
Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Land vehicle

2020-2022 Trunk Mats (5-Seat, Set of 7 Mats) - ASIN: B09TKFFH9S
Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Car Vehicle

Note: Model 3 interior accessories & Model 3 exterior accessories have been published in the previous post. Model Y exterior accessories will be mentioned in the next post.


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