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Camera condensation - expected or service call ?

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It seems there is some condensation in my left pillar camera housing.
Is this expected ? Should I call service ?
Also has the message that the camera is blinded.
See pic.
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I’m having the same issue. Has happened a handful of times, usually on longer trips when it is raining. I called service and they said they had not ever heard of it and to schedule an appointment to have it looked at. Haven’t made the time to do that and it hasn’t happened since my last longer trip (5 hours) three weeks ago. I keep the car garaged but have been driving in the rain quite often (live in the PNW so it is always raining this time of year).

Did you ever take your car in to have the issue looked at? In addition to the warning below, I have also had warnings indicating that multiple cameras were blocked or blinded.

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FWIW…just looked up this topic on Reddit and ran across this lengthy discussion…

Thanks for the information. I've had the same problem with the camera in the B pillar, but with the heavy rains in California, I've had it a couple of times the left side too. Fortunately is usually goes away fairly quickly, although the right side camera sometimes doesn't clear for 15-20 minutes. I haven't decided whether to set up a service call yet.
Unfortunately, this symptom seems to be par for the course owning a Model Y. I’ve been on subsequent road trips through the rain (usually 2 plus hours) and it happens on both sides. But, like you said, it does go away relatively quickly. I just wonder how much it affects autopilot and overall safety…???
I agree! I don't have FSD, but are these cameras used for that?
I believe so…😬
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