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Ceramic coating in San Diego & Carlsbad

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Hey Guys and Gals. My name is Adam the owner of 5 Point Auto Spa in San Diego and Carlsbad. We specialize in Ceramic Coatings and Clear Bra as well as paint correction, window tint and vinyl.
We use Ceramic Pro which is a professional use only coating. There are a lot of good coatings out there and a few really good installers in San Diego. All coatings though are not the same. The easier they are to install typically this means that they have a lower solid count which will mean their longevity will not equal Ceramic Pro's.
There's a few really key factors to properly installing a Ceramic Coating.
1. how to properly prepare the paint. As many of you know a lot of the model 3's do need paint correction even with zero miles. Beyond this the paint needs to be clear of any polish residue, wax, spray sealants etc. Paint correction is an art that is only learned from time behind the machine. Watching on youtube can get you a start but there's a lot that goes into it.
2. You need really high end towels and a lot of them. in order to apply the coating we typically use 10 towels per layer that cost $5 per towel. Using costco towels tends to lead to an uneven finish, streaks and micro scratches on the paint.
3. Proper LED lighting that shows depth and shadows.
4. Controlled low dust even temperature environment.
Obviously we have all of the above and more!
We typically work on 5-8 models 3's a week currently. We greatly appreciate your support and are happy to help with any future questions or work you might need!
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Thank you for the mentions here! This is Adam with 5 Point Auto Spa in San Diego and no Carlsbad CA.
We try our best to protect your model 3's as best we can for as affordable as possible.
We have Ceramic Coating pricing options for every budget. Don't be scared off by the 1200$ ticket.
We also offer all auto spa services under one roof. Ceramic Pro, PPF, Tint, Paint Correction, Vinyl and More!
We currently work on between 5-8 Model 3's a week.
Thank you so much for your support!
Please let us now if you have any questions or can be of any assistance!
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