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Clear Bra San Diego Paint Protection Film Tesla Model 3

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The anticipation of waiting for your new Tesla Model 3 to arrive is almost overwhelming. For many, an even heavier emotion is driving in home and in only the first few weeks beginning to notice damage on the paint from flying debris and scratches appearing from washing and drying it. By now many of you have probably heard about clear bra and have a general understanding that this is something that will benefit you.

Your Tesla Model 3 is an investment. There's no better way to protect that invest than by protecting the paint. After doing your research there will be little doubt that clear bra which is also known as paint protection film (PPF) is king. The industry leader of clear bra right now is XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS. They are the standard in self-healing film and any paint protection film installer will tell you that XPEL has the best cutting software in the industry.

Tesla's innovation and precision of engineering speak to people who appreciate the finest details. The Tesla Model 3 is the perfect combination of luxury, technology and value. This is the exact place where 5 Point Auto Spa in San Diego County strives to be. We are experts because quite simply we install a lot of clear bra on Tesla Model 3's.

Much like the Tesla Model 3 itself, clear bra has evolved tremendously over the last 10 years. What was considered impossible 10 years ago is now very achievable with paint protection film. 5 Point Auto Spa in San Diego and Carlsbad stay on the cutting edge by using the best products and installation techniques.

At 5 Point Auto Spa we do not offer standard plotter installs. Cookie cutter installs can leave a lot to be desired. No wrapped edges, badges and emblems cut around, sensor cutouts being misaligned etc.

All of 5 Point's plotter packages are what we call our "Plotter Plus". Using this install all removable pieces are removed prior to install. Handles, sensors, tow hooks etc are all hand cut for precision.

The biggest advantages to using plotters to precut the material are:
  • reduced cutting on vehicle
  • reduced cost due to less product waste
  • reduced cost due to less labor cost
The biggest advantages to custom installs are:
  • very sharp edges like on fender edges will receive slightly more coverage
  • bumpers will have less relief cuts and have about 2% more coverage in difficult to access places
We did our best to illustrate all of these points in this video. Please watch and please feel free to ask any questions!

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