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Well guys the X is about 90% done!!

And I can tell you so far it freakin jams with no battery issue…so far! Lol

The system starts w a 300 cb under the hood with 100% ofc 0 ga running to the rear.

The front dash had no speakers so I installed DS18 3.5's and crossed them over at 500hz.

The A pillars have MB Quart QSD tweeters crossed over at 4000hz

The front doors I modified to accept DS18 8" mid bass with a floor of 80hz and a 500hz ceiling.

The rear doors have MMATS Pro Audio 6.5's full range.

The rear are 2 CT Sounds 10" Ozone drivers powered by a 2000 watt MMATS Pro Audio class D.

The front doors are powered by bridging channels 1-4 of a 6 channel 1500 watt MMATS Pro Audio amp.

The dash and tweets are powered by channels 5-6 of the MMATS Pro Audio amp.

This is all controlled by Audio Control 810 DSP!

I still am going to frame the MMATS amp and DSP but wanted to report since a ton of y'all are waiting on this build!

I glassed in the bottom well of the trunk then built a frame and secured it.

Next I built the top with the Ozone 10's aimed inward and backward at 35 degrees.

The top is slot ported with a 90 degree port 2.5x9x18.

I pressed the top in place and will secure when I'm confident I don't need to go back in.

Both amps are protected by Stinger 150amp cb's.

I have a Bluetooth connection to my iPhone for tuning the DSP.

I also have a bass knob connected to the DSP and an on/off switch for the entire DSP/amps turn on.

The back 2 seats work as intended so it's still a functional 6 seater!



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Very nice. Which line converter are you using to convert speaker cables to rca to go to the amps? Are you using any Harness where are the speaker wires output or you just cut the speaker wires and tap them into line converter? Do you get any error message about the battery? I am trying to build my model 3 system too.

Thank you,
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