Model:Model 3
Mileage:12334 M
I'm evaluating whether there's sufficient interest in the Tesla community for my car as-is instead of paying to have the modifications removed, returning to stock, selling the aftermarket parts, and trading the car in.

White on black 2020 M3P (grey vinyl wrap)
12,334 miles as of today
Always garage kept
Homelink installed
Owned by ~40 something executive who's a car guy
Never supercharged
No accidents

Visual Modifications:
Vinyl exterior wrap with chrome delete (knockoff of Lamborghini's Grigio Telesto)
Matching internal wrap for center console and wood-look dash
Ceramic coated
Window tint
^The above was performed with less than 100 miles on the car by Cincy Vinyl Wraps (invoice attached)
Rally Armor mudflaps (yeah, I'm an old Subaru guy lol)

Suspension Modifications:
MPP Sport Coilovers
Unplugged Performance Sway Bars
^The above was installed by Turn In Concepts in Cincinnati, including an alignment and corner balancing with the installation

I no longer have the stock 2020 M3P wheels, but I'm offering the car with two sets of wheels. The wheels on it currently are Signature SV602 20x9.5 square setup in brushed titanium running Michelin PS4s 275/30/20. There is a spare rear wheel that was replaced by my overly cautious insurance company when my back passenger wheel rubbed a huge parked pickup truck while backing out of the airport garage creating a small gouge but didn't impact drivability, etc.

I also have a set of BBS CI-Rs with Michelin Pilot AS/3s that I used last winter that are offered with the car.

I'd purchased the car with the intent of getting back into Autocross after a near 20 year hiatus. I was able to run it once when it was bone stock the first week I had it before it went in for all the modifications. Since then I'd gotten a new job that had me traveling weekly and working every Sunday so it's never been run again. The car is set up to more freely rotate on an autocross course but is extremely stable, predictable, and smooth.

There are a couple of spots from rock chips, etc. where the white paint does show through the grey vinyl. I'll get and happily supply detailed pics this weekend. There is a door ding on the rear passenger side door that does have the white paint showing through, though no impact on the paint itself, with an impression (no crease) from the door ding.

Again, I'll get more pics if there are interested parties in this. Not interested in selling individual parts just yet. I do have all removed stock parts save for the factory wheels. The car was raised 1" since these pictures were taken.

Asking $55,000. No loan, I own it outright with title in hand.