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Does the Lumbar Support actually work all 4 directions?

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Not sure i this is just me...buuuuuuuuut...

For sure the Lumbar goes out and in...that is obvious. BUT...when I adjust up or down, I am getting the same effect as out and in.

For example, if I adjust the umber all the way out...it will not go anywhere when pressing "up"....If I press "down", however...the lumbar simply deflates/goes back in (as if I were pressing "in").

going from a completely neutral lumbar position, up and down doe the same as in and out.

In short...I see no difference between pressing up/down or in/out.

Anyone else have this?
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I have also noticed that the controls for the lumbar are finicky and don't always seem to be working. I'm going to need to play with it more and determine if it has a fixable issue.
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