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Does the Lumbar Support actually work all 4 directions?

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Not sure i this is just me...buuuuuuuuut...

For sure the Lumbar goes out and in...that is obvious. BUT...when I adjust up or down, I am getting the same effect as out and in.

For example, if I adjust the umber all the way out...it will not go anywhere when pressing "up"....If I press "down", however...the lumbar simply deflates/goes back in (as if I were pressing "in").

going from a completely neutral lumbar position, up and down doe the same as in and out.

In short...I see no difference between pressing up/down or in/out.

Anyone else have this?
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Hi Ramykha and Cintomanh - I am about to order a Model 3 and this issue is my only concern for the order. I currently have a brand new 5 month old car with very uncomfortable seats that are already worn out (dealer says it's normal), so I'm probably more worried than most. I test drove it today and yes, the lumbar support seems strong, but felt ok for the 35 minute drive. I felt like it had that issue where it kept inflating slightly, it could just be me, but I kept hitting the back and down button during the drive which seemed to lessen it. I'm also small and skinny and become sensitive to these things more than most.

Is the pink foam still working to reduce the pressure?
Any other fixes?
Has anyone had custom upholstery done to fix this?

Thanks for your help!
Thank you Cintoman! This is great news and something I will probably be doing to mine when I get the car. I've been reading as much as I can about this car (and watching the endless YouTube videos) and I have to say the Tesla community is something special. Much like the vintage (solid axles) Land Rover community that I'm a big part of. Ask any question and you instantly have 20 responses. Heading to CarMax this week to get a quote on my current car which Tesla will match and then ordering. Thanks again! Hopefully we can do a meet up as RI is near me and we are there all the time in the summer.
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Found some good pictures of the Yellow support / lumbar support system. There is a bolt at the bottom that I assume holds it in place. You can probably loosen it and put some washers space it back a bit. Looks like a simple panel that can easily be bent or moved rearwards a bit.

Not sure what the gray felt bag is, but the hose to it only comes from the motor.

Found via here:





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Would love to meet up one day....hopefully we can get a decent crowd when the warmer weather gets here.

I have to buy the car first which I eventually will do at some point. I did an overnight test drive this past weekend and love it. My main issue is that I bought a different car in August 2018 that has already depreciated by about 45%, so I'm debating whether to take the $18k loss on selling it.
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