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Electrify America to offer two years of free charging for BMW i5 owners

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Electrify America and BMW of North America have joined forces once again to offer first-time i5 owners with two years of complimentary 30-minute charging sessions.

To activate the charging benefit, BMW i5 owners will have a two-year window starting from the date of purchase to enroll through the My BMW app. Additionally, owners can use the app or in-vehicle navigation to locate nearby charging stations, check charger availability, and navigate to the charging points. Electrify America’s fast-charging network, featuring 150kW and 350kW chargers, ensures that new i5 owners can charge their vehicles with confidence at some of the highest charging speeds currently available.

“BMW is helping more drivers experience an EV lifestyle by providing range confidence through access to fast, convenient charging while on the road. Working together to increase access to ultra-fast charging is helping to drive EV adoption, leading to a more sustainable transportation future we all deserve,” said Robert Barrosa, Vice President of Technology and soon to be CEO of Electrify America.
The BMW i5 is the first all-electric version of the popular 5 Series, set to be launched later this year. The i5 will include Plug&Charge payment technology to BMW’s electric vehicle lineup, allowing drivers to seamlessly pay for charging sessions by simply plugging in their EV. The charging process is facilitated by the vehicle communicating with the charger to identify, authenticate, authorize, and bill the customer’s registered account, ensuring a smooth experience for i5 owners.

The partnership was announced by Electrify America, but no similar announcement has been made by Electrify Canada. However the company recently partnered with BMW Group Canada to offer three years of free charging for i7 owners, so it would not be surprising to see something soon for i5 owners in Canada as well. We have reached out to Electrify Canada for comment and will update this article when we receive a response.

You can read more about the BMW i5 below.

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Nothing new here. It's been two "free" years of unreliable, hard-to-find EA charging services for all BMW EVs for a while now. And it's not really FREE - you still have to buy a BMW (or other EV that offers "free" EA charging. Morel ike "pre-paid with purchase".
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