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My family and I visited the EV Discovery Centre - Plugndrive.ca - last week and test drove both the Bolt and i3. This was my first EV experience and they were great fun to drive, I would encourage anyone who has not driven an EV before to visit the centre if you're in the area. They also have the Nissan Leaf and Volt for test drive as well.

Here are some photos of the centre:

Benefit of EV

All you want to know about EV history on one wall

There is a driving sim you can try, the Mitsu is not available for test drive tho

Different type of charger plugs

Different charging station you can purchase and install at home. Ontario charge station incentive, $500 parts + $500 labour = $1000 in total

There is also a Model S (AP2) 75D on display as well

Test drove the silver Bolt and i3. I got to plug the charger in for the i3 since the centre is closing and I'm the last person to test drove it.

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