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Exotic like Model 3 Performance

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The December edition of Motor Trend includes their Best Driver's Car report.
I copied their data into a spread sheet and added their data for the 2018 Model 3 Performance.

I ranked them, considering only 0-60 for fun, and 60-0 for salvation.
Four cars out perform the T, all of which beat it to 60. Only two, of those four, stop in less distance.
One might conclude the T to be safer and less fun than those four, while best or worst at nothing.
I respectably disagree!
My belief is that the T, with little doubt is safer than, and quite likely more fun than all of them.
Data be "expletive deleted" - I wouldn't trade my T for any of them other than for the profit, in part, to purchase at least one more T.

An interesting tidbit is that Motor Trend's Randy Pobst worked with Tesla to tune the Performance model for track duty.

I sent something similar to Motor Trend when I published the above.
Their quick response was "Thanks for writing-if it makes you feel any better, we asked Tesla for a Model 3 Performance but they didn't want to send one along."
Actually, I didn't feel better or worse - just thought it was interesting.


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I always love comparing 1/4 mile times vs. MPH because it shows where the power curve is for any given vehicle. Obviously the Telsa Model 3 Performance out-torques almost any other car on the road, and those numbers drive that point home. Fun!
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