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Ford dealer forcing F-150 Lightning reservation holders to pay $5,000 markup to get their truck at launch

Rodman Ford is showing yet again why everyone hates the traditional dealership model.

The Ford dealer, located in Foxborough, Massachusetts, sent an email to F-150 Lightning reservation holders this morning in an attempt to get them to pay a $5,000 markup on the upcoming electric pickup truck.

According to the email, more than 200 customers have placed a reservation for the F-150 Lightning through their dealership. The email goes on to say that they have only been "allocated with 10% of the reservations."

As a result Rodman Ford is marking up the Lightning by $5,000 under the guise of a guarantee to receive the electric truck at the planned spring launch.

"To guarantee your order for this upcoming spring there will be an adjusted mark up on the vehicle of $5,000 from the MSRP. The first 10% of customers that respond to this email agreeing to the markup with be put as priority to purchase the Ford Lightning this spring," the email explains.
This wouldn't be the first time a Ford dealer has come under fire for marking up the automaker's electric vehicles.

Earlier this year a dealership placed a $10,000 "market adjustment" on a Mach-E. A photo of the window sticker went viral, eventually forcing Ford North America Product Communications manager Mike Levine to intervene and have the adjustment removed.

Hopefully the same will happen with this email, as it is clearly not a good look for the automaker.

A full copy of the email is below, which was first shared on Facebook.

rodman ford

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Greedy and yet stupid - should have set up an auction/bid model. Pit customers against each other in a more clear and profitable way. If you are going to give them the middle finger, might as well do it right!
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