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Ever since I received V10.3 intially, my 2018 M3 has never made turns properly using FSDBeta. If I am using FSDBeta on a well marked road without destination set and turn on the right signal, 90% of the time it won't make the turn. It will blow right by it. Always showing "Auto Lane Change Unavailable" (ALCU for short). Sometimes it will turn, late and very fast (40mph) but ALCU is on the Touchscreen. And sometimes it has turned left with the right signal on! I am up to V10.9 and it continues.

With Navigation on and a destination programmed, it works better. Fewer missed turns. Service center says AP/FSD using maps when destination is set, not driving on the fly.

Car is at Service Center and they see ALCU errors in logs, even on AP on highway sometimes when exiting from Interstate A to Interstate B, ACLU appears but it turns onto ramps. All cameras check out fine. Service confirms with destination set, all works pretty well but no destination, turns as needed using directional signals with FSDBeta rarely work right on my car. Usually ALCU message appears and errors in logs.

All cameras pass tests. I suspect issue is that my car is 2018 M3 with early HW3 upgrade.

Local Service Center is awaiting engineering feedback on a) its V10.x problem so wait wait wait or b) change the computer (HW3)?

Probably won't hear back from engineering until Tuesday so is anyone else having similar issues? If so, model and year of car and was it a HW2.5 to HW3.0 upgrade?

And if you have a 2018/2019 M3 that was upgraded to HW3, I would be anxious to hear if your experience is similar or better than mine.


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I didn’t know it was possible to force a turn. My assumption was that manual lane change signaling only effected lane changes.

I can cancel turns, yes, but the car still slows for them.

This might be a feature request? Have you tried sending feedback to the FSD email address?
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