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When it comes to Made In USA custom forged wheels. Avant-Garde is one of the pioneers in the game. From design to production to the final touch all in-house. Every wheel is made with the highest quality possible. Avant-Garde utilizes the latest in computer-aided engineering and testing. To ensure the wheels never compromise on quality, every design complies with the stringent testing of the industry-recognized JWL standard.

The Avant Garde Luxury Wheel Collection is the culmination of decades of combined experience from influential figures representing all aspects of the aftermarket wheel industry. With an emphasis on artistic innovation, each design is conceived to complement the aesthetics of your luxury vehicle and accentuate its commanding presence. Every feature allows you to personalize your wheel so it becomes a unique reflection of your individuality.

I am here to assist you with a one-to-one tailor service for your vehicle!

GetYourWheels Inc is the biggest Avant Garde's top-tier authorized dealer. With quick turnaround time and 100% control over QC. It's a no-brainer to have us take care of all the research/fitment spec for you!

As always, we offer complimentary hunter mount and road force balance + Free shipping in the continental US and discounted rate international shipping available. Guarantee the best service and deal you can ask for!!

Eddie @ Get Your Wheels
📞 562-249-7184
[email protected]

Enough Talking! Here is the AG Forged Line Up! New styles are released by AG every now and then. If you don't see the style you're interested in. Don't hesitate to slide into my DM ;)

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