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GM unveils $30,000 Equinox EV

General Motors made significant waves in the auto world by introducing the Chevrolet Equinox EV at CES 2022.

However, the biggest shock is the price tag; the Equinox EV will start at $30,000 in the US.

Not many details are known about the Chevrolet Equinox EV. GM did not provide any specs or confirm what options would be available.

However, they did not show off a vehicle prototype that looked quite compelling.

GM did confirm that the Equinox EV will be available in the fleet and retail versions. The vehicle will also leverage the Ultium Platform and include at least an LT and RS trim.

The new electric SUV will launch at the end of 2023 and be a 2024 model year.

Interestingly, if the EV tax credit passes, the Equinox EV will be cheaper than the gasoline-powered version. However, the EV tax credit is still very much in the air.

CES was a big coming-out party for the American automaker. Earlier today, GM unveiled the Silverado electric pickup to rival the F150 Lightning.

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