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I figure with the coming increase in EVs it may be good to keep track of the lowest and highest demand times on the regional grid, since these change day to day and by season. Fortunately PJM provides this data.
If you live in the outlined area in the mid-atlantic you can see real-time grid demand.
Ecoregion Map World Nature Line

The link is here: https://dataviewer.pjm.com/dataviewer/pages/public/load.jsf
Select "PJM RTO Total" from the drop down, or your own electric company if you know the abbreviation (for me it's Met-Ed 'ME Zone'). You can even see real time breakdown of wind and solar.

The charts look very different between Saturday, Sunday and weekdays, and well as spring and summer.
The easy answer is "Start charging at 2 AM; maybe 1 AM if you battery is low." and "Never charge around dawn or evenings"

Here's an interesting chart from Saturday 4-21. Late afternoon demand was the same or less than 3 AM:
Rectangle Slope Line Plot Font

Anyway, I thought this may be fun for others to play with. There are other sections of the website that show even more detailed hourly breakdowns for fuel type in a table (gas, nuclear, coal, renewables) And sorry, I don't know if other regions offer something similar.
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