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We are getting our first Tesla (S) next week (have the VIN and a delivery appointment). My husband and I are both registrants on the car. In his Tesla app, the car shows up and he can access the various videos to prep you for getting a Tesla. In my Tesla app, no car shows up. If I log into Tesla.com, it shows our car in my account, but I can't do anything with it.

Is this because we haven't taken delivery of the car yet? Is there someway for him to add me as a driver before delivery? I looked online and they say in the app you can go to the Security menu and add a driver, but that doesn't show up in his app.


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@lhines3116, although 2 people can jointly own the car, Tesla’s internal system only has one account as the owner, and as far as I know, a single name for that account (which you can readily change which of you that is).

I would note that both spouses can log into the same account on the app. It works to have the one owner account active on multiple devices, and it lets each of those devices be set up as a unique phone key. If you choose to operate from separate Tesla accounts, the secondary account has the following limitations (once you get the car):
  • The secondary account cannot grant access to another account.
  • The secondary account cannot purchase software upgrades for the car.
  • The secondary account cannot see charging stats.
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