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ISO-9001 (2001) Trouble Ticket System

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Reporting problems and suggestions to Tesla has poor options:
  • Twitter - the bit bucket of postings
  • Call out to Elon - attend a meeting and yell it out
  • Report NHTSA - slow and often another bit bucket
  • Teslaowneronline - one of several competing forum sites, the quality of member responses varies. I also use "PriusChat" and "Inside EVS" because of the quality of replies.
But ISO-9001 (2001) specified a trouble ticket system that not only gathered problems but also measured the responses. Labor to run such a system is not trivial but I wanted to share what I'm thinking about:
  1. QUALITY subforum for each Tesla product
  2. The QUALITY subform threads follow the outline the Service Sections and/or Owner's Manual
  3. Only a moderator and/or sub-moderator can approve or start a thread but users may add comments
  4. Thread starters should have a title:
    2. "- description"
    3. Poll: (1) me too; (2) not a problem; (3) no opinion
    4. Explanatory text and photos
  5. Periodic summary of top 3-5 threads shared with the 'usual suspects'
Just a suggestion, no problem if there is a forum more appropriate. If inappropriate, no problem as I still have access to NHTSA complaint reporting.

Bob Wilson
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