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Kingston V3 Tesla Supercharger now open [Ontario]

Thanks to the use of prefabricated Superchargers, Tesla has completed the fastest Supercharger station installation in Canada.

The new V3 Supercharger in Kingston, Ontario is now open just 12 days after construction began.

On December 10, 2021 the first signs of construction appeared at 88 Dalton Avenue, just across the street from the existing V2 Supercharger.

Two days later 8 prefabricated stalls arrived on the back of a truck, and tonight, December 22, the station has been activated and turned on.

While we have yet to see anyone plug in, and the station does not yet appear on the in-car navigation, we have been told by a source directly from Tesla that the Supercharger is now open.

This new Kingston Supercharger answers the wishes of many owners who have found themselves in a long lineup at the existing 8-stall station.

There is one other Supercharger currently under construction in Ontario in Exeter. It has a targeted opening date of Q1 2022.

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