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Mercedes Benz dealers join Ford by adding $50K 'market adjustment' to EQS pricing

One of the advantages of buying a vehicle directly from Tesla is their direct sales model. Visiting multiple dealerships to haggle and negotiate the best price is a thing of the past.

All you have to do is visit Tesla.com and order your car in as little as one minute, knowing you'll pay the same amount as your friend on the other side of the country.

That's not the case for buying a Mustang Mach-E or Ford F-150 Lightning. Drive Tesla has reported previously on several instances where Ford dealers were adding as much as $30,000 on top of the MSRP as a "market adjustment."

We can now add Mercedes Benz to that list after at least two dealers have been found adding $50,000 market adjustments to the new EQS electric sedan.

CNBC and Fox Business commentator Jon Rettinger was about to pick up his EQS 580 when he was called by the dealer to let him know he now had to pay $50,000 more.

That took the price from ~$120,000 (before options and taxes) to $170,000.

Needless to say Rettinger was not impressed. He cancelled his order and is now the owner of a Lucid Air.

Here's a story. I was originally going to get a @MercedesBenzUSA EQS 580. Even had one reserved and ready for pickup. The dealer called to inform me there was a $50k (not a typo) markup on the car. I passed. Infer what you will about the dealer model protecting consumers. https://t.co/XIbzdzB5CX

- Jon Rettinger (@Jon4Lakers) December 29, 2021
The local Mercedes dealership in Westminster, Colorado is also adding a $50,000 market adjustment on an EQS 450. A photo of the window sticker shared on Reddit shows the price going from $106,040 to $156,040.

mb westminster
All of these examples show yet again why the dealership model is on the way out. They are independent from the automaker, and are free to set pricing as they see fit. The consumer has no recourse other than to try their luck at another dealership, but when they are all doing the same thing, it is difficult to escape.

Say what you want about all of Tesla's price adjustments this year, but at least they were transparent about it and at the end of the day, everyone pays the same price.

The post Mercedes Benz dealers join Ford by adding $50K 'market adjustment' to EQS pricing appeared first on Drive Tesla.

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Actually I don't see this saying that the dealership model is on it's way out, it seems to say that it is stronger than ever.

After all, if they can add 50% to the price of a car and someone buys it, then why not?

But I believe that it was the Jeep Gladiator that went for way over retail when it came out, and then way under retail a few months later.

There are a lot of people that would really love to be able to pay $100,000 for a car in the first place, or even that $50,000 increase.

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I’ve owned an MS since 2013 and absolutely loved it! Until my third one, a 2021 LR. Thanks to the bizarre interior, designed solely to be cheap to build, and IMHO hyper user unfriendly, I grew to HATE THE CAR. Once I drove my first Tesla in 2013 it was impossible to drive anything else. And there wasn’t anything else. Until now. I sold my 6 mos old S for $5k more than I paid for it and bought a beautifully equipped EQS for 450+ at MSRP. There are 5 MB dealers here. The Penske owned dealers add a “market” adjustment to inventory cars; the others deal at MSRP.

AND THE CAR IS FABULOUS: sooooooo far superior to the MS which is quite junky by comparison. 0-60 can’t compare of course but it is plenty quick- just over 5 seconds, same as my first S85, Which everyone from exhilarating background. Electronics are better in almost everyone regard. What does virtually everything FSD does, and it does it better.

MUCH quieter on the road. HUD-Fabulous! Apple Car Play-fabulous! A real BSW- fabulous! Same gear selector as the pre ‘21 MS (they were supplied by MB)-fabulous! A TURN SIGNAL LEVER- fabulous! A horn where the horn is supposed to be! Interior like the Ritz, not like the Tesla Motel Six-fabulous! FLAWLESS workmanship and fit and finish!

AND IT IS CHEAPER THAN AN MS!!!! Proof that MB packs in far more bang for the buck? Tesla’s gross margin is 41%; MBs is 22 % .

The Tesla feels dated:

No HUD -- a significant failure

Fourth rate BSW, autopark, and auto wipers -- inexcusable because so easily rectified

No Apple Car Play -- inanely dumb

Sonic Hedgehog -- childlish foolishness that passeth human understanding but may be a manifestation of Elon's autism.

So the genius of the EV, OTA updates, and battery technology is now a given, and buyers' decisions are increasingly influenced by features, an area in which Tesla is sinking dangerously close to the bottom of the EV field.

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AND THE CAR IS FABULOUS: sooooooo far superior to the MS which is quite junky by comparison
I see what you mean. I'm really liking this car - a lot!
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