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missing push pin retainers?

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I was about to install the Tesla front splash guards and noticed there appears to be missing retainers right under that area. cost cutting measure, or just missing? Both sides are like this.
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Looks like it's supposed to be a bolt. part number 1484170-00-A... same as the bolt, one hole next hole in. I wonder if the spring clip is up there?
I have access to Tesla service info. I guess I'll put a request in for service.
Does Tesla have a parts department like conventional dealers?
the parts picture looks a little different than what I have. maybe, a slight design change. well... I should stop pretending to be a Tesla tech and let them handle it I guess. I am a Mechanic but I don't work on Teslas.
I guess not on the parts department then lol. I know the Tesla "dealer" I picked my car up from is a service center, and a former Nissan dealer. Didn't get a tour or, look around.
they must be flapping around quite a bit on the freeway. perhaps I can find a plastic push pin to put there till my appointment. if there are threads there I could easily get a bolt. I'll try to see if a bolt will thread into something there.
looks like one can buy some online.
Well. there is nothing in the empty hole to use a bolt in. I found the plastic retainer I need to take off to install the splash guard is the perfect fit for that. So, that’s fixed.
so far two people have noticed missing retainers there. Anyone else?
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1 - 8 of 10 Posts