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I'm thinking of getting to a model 3 and currently have an Audi S4. My existing company Mercury quoted me a rate 1000 more than my Audi(North of 330.mo). Tesla Insurance can't quote me until the Vin# is in my name.

I am trying to get a range of what other Model 3 and Y owners are paying directly from Tesla'a insurance policy. The quotes I am getting from other carriers don't make any sense ranging between 4500 and 8600. I realize this is not the most effective way to do this and find it strange Tesla can't quote me without having possession of the car, but tis is where I am at.

Thanks in advance!

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My insurance dropped going from my Model 3 to the Audi e-tron though both were reasonable (in my opinion).

Some more background might help as your insurance seems very expensive? Are those 6 month figures? Location? Age? Driving record?

I’m paying $1600 every 6 months for 2 people with a 2018 Model 3 and 2022 Audi e-tron. That’s with 100/300, loan payoff, and a $500 deductible in South Florida.

PS I almost sold my Model 3 for an S4. At the last second I decided I couldn’t pump gas ever again despite the S4 being a car that I have wanted since 2004. That’s what led me to the e-tron.
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