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I've carried rowing shells on top of the Model 3. It's not ideal because the boat is 26' long (32' if we carry a double) and so there's a lot of bouncing around at either end that could be diminished if the cross bars where further apart. I have lines that I tie at the front and the back of the car, but safety lines only do some much. I'm estimating that the Model 3 bars are about 30" apart. I can't know for sure, but because the top piece of glass is bigger, I think it is possible that the Model Y cross bars will be further apart. Anyone have a guess as to how far apart?
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I'm not in love with the Model 3 rack system as having the glass sandwiched in between the metal tab and rack itself means the install has to be precisely on that metal tab. How many turns are you willing to make and not put too much pressure on the glass? Too loose and maybe the rack comes off the metal tab comes off and then starts pulling up directly on the glass. Having the metal tabs hidden is a nice look and cuts down tremendously on wind noise, so I guess Tesla feels that keeping the car quiet trumps roof rack installation ease and stresses.

The tabs in the Model Y frame picture look similar to the Model 3, so maybe it will use a similar roof rack system. Slidable "Eurorails" would be nice to change the separation of the cross bars, and I can't tell if I'm looking at two tabs towards the back of the car or is there just one location? Anyone car to speculate?

Really hoping that Tesla does not mess up the "utility" part of the Model Y. I'm hoping to replace our Subaru Outback with it, which I can get my cross bars over 4' apart, and it is mounted solidly to rails on the car. I'm sure the Model Y will tow stuff fine, but again, I don't know how hard the setup will be for hooking up a tow bar, etc.
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