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New York City wants to spend $12.36 million on Tesla Model 3s

New York City wants to spends up to $12,360,000 to purchase Tesla Model 3s for the Department of Citywide Administrative Services fleet.

According to a Notice for Contract Public Hearing posted to the Citywide Administrative Services website on December 3, the $12.36 million contract would be over a five year period.

The deal will hopefully be approved after a public hearing on the proposed contract on December 16.

The notice was first shared by Tesla enthusiast Sawyer Merritt on Twitter.

contract hearing
Credit: Citywide Administrative Services

The notice does not specify which variant of the Model 3 the city intends to purchase. According to Tesla's Design Studio, the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) Model 3 starts at $44,990 USD.

If the city goes with the entry-level variant, that equates to 274 Model 3s at today's pricing.

Even with such a large order, the city is unlikely to get a fleet discount from Tesla. When Hertz announced plans to purchase 100,000 Model 3s for their global rental fleet, Elon Musk confirmed they would be paying the same price as a regular consumer.

If approved, these wouldn't be the first Tesla cars being used by New Your City employees. The NYPD Highway Patrol recently added at least two Model 3s to their fleet.

One of the NYPD's Tesla Model 3 cruisers in action @TeslaNY https://t.co/V7qrj2kB3M pic.twitter.com/0WcChegXGO

- Drive Tesla
(@DriveTeslaca) December 2, 2021
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