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Aloha all,

It has now approaching almost 7 months. Crossing fingers posting here might help with any experience share or advise of any sorts. I sold my house in Oahu, and before I could ship my Tesla for my move to Kona, my 12v Battery started acting up and eventually just would not start vehicle. Trying to keep this drama story short; in addition to my 12V being dead; my front body fender had gotten side swiped a while ago...but all still functions...zip tie action. Just cosmetics I thought. But when it came time after giving up on jump starting my 12v battery; I took it to the ONE (and only one) Tesla Service Center here in Oahu. Initially, they said no problem, it was a Friday, come back Monday and 12v be fixed. Tuesday came, the story changed, and they said due to body work (some kinda liability), they did not fix/replace my Battery (warranty was still good, but expired last month - this was 8 months ago). They said I had to first get my body work done by one of their "certified Tesla auto-shops". All "Tesla Auto Shops" here on island have been back logged...all 3 of them (all though early estimates were a month out). Its now 7 months and no guarantee's.

Out of the 3, I went with Gerber certified body shop. They wont accept my car to be parked at their shop, until all the 'parts' have arrived (total cost estimate: $14K). Again, going on 7 months, and I am now considering pulling it back and going the DIY route with a mechanic friend and youtube??????
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