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Openhab and Tesla API

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So I've been into home automation for a while, but not having wads of cash to throw at shiny toys all the time progress has been slow. I've had Openhab running on a Raspberry Pi2, showing some weather info and controlling an ESP8266 arduino device and that's about it. But today I updated to Openhab2 and while scrolling through the list of bindings (addons) I came across this Tesla binding.

It uses the API from the mobile app to see information and control some aspects of the car. This obviously does present some security concerns, but the source code is there to be inspected at least.

The thing I'm most interested in is the climate control and charging options. I can have a rule set up to start charging after off-peak rates start, and to warm up the car (and battery) before my usual departure times - but only if the weather (another binding) is cold enough.

Now I just need the car... >.>
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That is so sweet! I too enjoy home automation. I managed to program my watch to remotely start our Volts with a slight modification of code using 'Tasker" and Onstar. Should be great fun once we have a Model 3 in our hands!
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