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What was the best year to get a Model 3?

Poll: What Was the Best Year to Get a Model 3?

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It used to seem obvious that the Model 3 got better every year, but I'm not sure that's still the case. Radar is gone, and cars are delivered without full USB connections and passenger seat adjustments. The new heat pumps are proving troublesome. And both base price and the price for some options has been going up.

Taking into account everything about the car (including features, options, available trims, price, build quality, and delivery process), what do you think was the best year for Model 3s?

(Of course, the best year to buy anything is when you need it and can afford it, rather than waiting for the perfect moment, but for this poll I'm focussed on which year's buyers got the best car/deal/experience.)
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That's a hard question for me; since mine was early car, there were things included that now cost money, though not a lot.

My 2018 has been great, minor gap things on delivery handled soon after. Free premium connectivity and since it was performance, I had free super charging which I sold back to Tesla. Turns out I prefer the original center console vs the new one though I had put a film on it to make it a more mat color.

Tesla promised the car would get better and it does seem some things have happened; range reported more (battery chemistry?) and the heat pump (though seems an issue right now).

Part of the experience is Tesla itself - I'm not sure the company is improving over time, certainly I don't feel the software experience is at all.
M3 RWLR, June 2018, but simply the fact that the wait was over (from early March 16, 2016) and then the drive and feal of it, features,... it did not disappointed me in any way!
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