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What was the best year to get a Model 3?

Poll: What Was the Best Year to Get a Model 3?

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It used to seem obvious that the Model 3 got better every year, but I'm not sure that's still the case. Radar is gone, and cars are delivered without full USB connections and passenger seat adjustments. The new heat pumps are proving troublesome. And both base price and the price for some options has been going up.

Taking into account everything about the car (including features, options, available trims, price, build quality, and delivery process), what do you think was the best year for Model 3s?

(Of course, the best year to buy anything is when you need it and can afford it, rather than waiting for the perfect moment, but for this poll I'm focussed on which year's buyers got the best car/deal/experience.)
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I like the replies so far!

I think I'd go with around May 2019 (my actual purchase was 2018). Starting in April, Autopilot and HW3 was included. The tax credit was phasing out, but was still $3750. The early fit and finish issues had been ironed out, and the recent supply chain issues hadn't yet arisen.
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