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What was the best year to get a Model 3?

Poll: What Was the Best Year to Get a Model 3?

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It used to seem obvious that the Model 3 got better every year, but I'm not sure that's still the case. Radar is gone, and cars are delivered without full USB connections and passenger seat adjustments. The new heat pumps are proving troublesome. And both base price and the price for some options has been going up.

Taking into account everything about the car (including features, options, available trims, price, build quality, and delivery process), what do you think was the best year for Model 3s?

(Of course, the best year to buy anything is when you need it and can afford it, rather than waiting for the perfect moment, but for this poll I'm focussed on which year's buyers got the best car/deal/experience.)
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Went with 2021 (specifically early to mid). Wife’s Y has been perfect. Has all the little details that I wish I had on my 2019 3. The double pane glass is tremendous when it comes to interior noise. No heat pump issues here as the weather hasn’t gotten below 20° and it’s garage kept, yet we definitely notice the improved efficiency when using the heat. My 3 has to be charged every couple days where as the Y goes 3-4. Radar is meaningless since they’re essentially paperweights once Tesla went to vision.

And most importantly, the price of the Y went up $7500 within a few months of ordering it (more if you ordered in early 2021). So I can literally resell the vehicle for a profit today!

Incidentally, if I’d have purchased FSD on our Y, I’d of DEFINITELY took a massive loss instead. Appreciate my ass.
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I agree with this. I know dual pane glass and a few things have improved the car and I know you are looking for feedback on those things, so truly I'd say 2021 was likely the best before radar disappeared.

However, I have to say that 2018 was the best, they worked out the early bugs and provided me with a great car that I truly don't have that many complaints about. They've added features along the way with SW and nothing can take away the fun and joy I've had driving it for over 3 years.
Good point (re fun and joy). I prefer our 2021, but I definitely wouldn't give up my years with my 2019 3. If anything I regret waiting till March for my 2019 and would have grabbed a late 2018 for the added tax credit if I can do it again.
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I'm envious of those with an orange roof.
My roof usually looks more yellow. Sometimes more of a yellow-green. Not quite as pretty as the deep orange/red I've seen on others.

Forgot all about the roof. Didn't really see it make a difference between our two cars this past summer.
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