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  • Drivers Ian Pavelko and Trevor Page began the journey, Wednesday March 04th at noon, and after 73:27:48.93 hours have completed the 6,131km across Canada
  • The Fast EV Lightning Run began in Tsawwassen, BC and ended in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, NS
  • The duo stopped at 40 Supercharge stations along the TransCanada throughout the drive
  • Ian Pavelko's Tesla Model 3 Performance on Fast EV01+ wheels and Hakka R3 winter tires performed perfectly

    Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC - They did it! Our motivated driving duo, Ian Pavelko and Trevor Page have successfully completed their nonstop coast-to-coast EV drive across Canada in the first ever Fast EV Lightning Run. All are in good health, the car is running smoothly and performed perfectly, and the Fast EV01+ wheels carried them there safely and efficiently.
After 73:27:48.93 hours on the road that comprised of 40 Supercharge stops (2/3 were V3 Tesla chargers), many Tim's coffees, limited sleep for each, fantastic road trip music, and too many fast food meals to mention, the duo covered 6,131km (approx.) aboard Pavelko's personal Tesla Model 3 Performance.​
"Honestly, this has been one of the most enjoyable and exciting drives I've ever done," exclaimed Pavelko upon arrival in Halifax, NS. And for those who followed the duo online via Twitter, the excitement and passion was palpable. Although, both Page and Pavelko admit there were a few hiccups along the way in terms of planning.​
"We made a few mistakes along the way," admitted Page. "We overcharged at one point and we didn't plan for certain distances, and of course weather is always an issue and was for us heading into Halifax, but we're still really pleased with the 73-hour drive time it took."​
Despite minor setbacks along the way, Pavelko and Page received incredible support from locals across the country, and were humbled by how welcome they were made to feel at every stop along the way were fans came out to meet and greet them. From boxes of Tim's treats to escorts on highway stretches through the Prairies, they were never really "alone" on the the 3-day journey and the two are grateful for that.​
"The support was absolutely amazing and humbling," admitted Pavelko. "And we were amazed at the EV following in the middle of the country and the support and encouragement we received throughout the Prairies was great."​
As the first of its kinda, the Fast EV Lightning Run is officially a success, and paves the way for yearly drives across the country with not just one EV, but many.​
"We hope other EV owners will see just how enjoyable this drive can be," Pavelko stated. "Canada is such a beautiful country and we got to see it in all its glory."​
For further information regarding the Fast EV Lightning Run, please contact
Miranda Lightstone, Marketing Consultant​
1.877.833.9877 ext. 285​
CELL: 514-238-1045​
To follow the Fast EV Lightning Run on social media, please like and follow these accounts
Fast Wheels IG @FastWheelsAlloy
Ian Pavelko @ianpavelko
Trevor Page @Model3Owners
Fastco is one of Canada's largest manufacturers and wholesale distributors of wheels, tires and accessories. Our headquarters and main distribution center is located in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Québec, Canada.​
The company was founded by Glenn Chaplin in 1989, and continues to be family owned and operated.​
Glenn's lifelong passion for auto racing fueled his desire to get into the wheel and tire industry. He began selling auto accessories out of his basement, and eventually opened his first retail store called Automotion in 1972. In 1989, he transitioned into wholesale and incorporated Fastco Canada.​
Today, Fastco is recognised as the leading Canadian distributor of wheel and tire packages.​

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I'm still amazed at you both for pulling off this incredible achievement!

@TrevP I know that you're knee deep (at least) in footage for editing but could you post some of the pics that you and @Mad Hungarian took along the way? I'm sure many of us would be infestered in seeing them in one place!
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