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Had a rainy day yesterday and I noticed the raindrops on certain parts of the roof looked different than others. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that I have 6 squares of "different" raindrops on the roof that are in a symmetrical shape and can't be washed out. I've already tried wiping it down with a soft rag from inside, then outside, issue persists.

My theory is these squares are a coating that should have been applied to the entirety of the glass roof, but somehow is only applied in these strange squares.

I'll post some pictures below, with rain, and without. Does anyone else have this on their Model 3, or should I contact Tesla about this?

Without rain, easily seen:
Cloud Atmosphere Automotive lighting Sky Sunlight

With rain, harder to see in pictures, but noticeable in real life:
Water Automotive tire Road surface Grey Asphalt
Water Plant Car Infrastructure Road surface
Automotive tire Road surface Asphalt Grey Tar
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Wood


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Just needs a good clean with some window cleaner and a microfiber. Just residue
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