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Suggestions About Model 3 Chrome Trim

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Over the course of 3.5 years, the chrome trim on my car has become cloudy with kind of a rainbow tinge to it, like when metal is exposed to high heat.

And as you would expect, a mobile tech once told me that's caused in part by heat (because it's hot in Florida) and part by car washes - any car washes. Apparently the chemicals in the soap from washing the car damage the chrome material applied to the plastic. The mobile tech also told me the damage is permanent, and the only way to fix it is to replace all of the "bright work".

Aside from being kind of disappointed that a car would have chrome attached to it that is not designed for heat or to be washed (now I understand the actual reason they replaced it with black), I guess if I'm going to have to replace it all someday, that buys me some time to experiment with it.

I already tried spray detailer, Rain-X, windex, foaming windshield cleaner, plain wet rag, plain dry rag, and soap. I have not yet tried a clay bar, though I do have one. I also have not tried using abrasives like barkeeper's friend or polishing compound, because I'd have to remove them all from the car first to avoid damaging the paint.

Any other ideas?
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Did the SC replace your trim?
Speaking of polishing, that's another issue - the cloudy residue is not a smooth texture. So if Tesla doesn't replace all of the pieces in Jan, I would have to sand them before applying either paint or tint.

If they do replace them, I will see if I can get vinyl applied to them at least so it won't be damaged again. Since I don't know the precise cause, it's too much of a chance to take - it could be I start hand washing it and the chrome doesn't like the hard water here, or the detailer reacts with it.
Did the SC replace your trim?
No. They told me the piece around the rear window is difficult to remove, and if they damage the paint or break the glass in the process, Tesla won't cover it.
I see. I have tried Barkeepers Friend on the waterspots of the chrome trim, but without success. Did you have any success removing the waterspots or do you have any suggestions?
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