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All our local OFF PEAK pricing jumped up this week to a PENNY below the peak pricIng. OFF PEAK is now ~.42 vs. .43-.45 PEAK. What else happened this week in this area? Bay Area had the worst power outages due to storm damage in over 15 years. In my area of COURSE people were having to charge their Teslas, I saw 8-10 Tesla at the local Menlo Park charger in the early morning hours this week when there are usually NONE.. and by 09:00 it was full.

I could sort of understand if pricing was built to be somewhat elastic, that’s sort of lame though. But it would be REALLY s…ty if they simply jacked it up knowing everyone in this area was going to need it.

At this point in the business and commodity cycle, NAT GAS is down lower than it was 24 months ago. Oil is lower than it was 20 months ago and going lower. It simply cannot be that the resource souring for electricity has jumped for that time or at all.

TWT if it comes back to the .23 off peak it was just prior to this latest power issues. Caught me off guard Elon, never again.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts