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Tesla China sales exceed 50,000 for the third month in a row in November

Tesla China is closing out 2021 with a bang, posting its third straight month with sales topping 50,000 units.

According to data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) released Wednesday morning, a total of 52,859 Model 3 and Model Y cars from Giga Shanghai were sold in November.

Of those, 21,127 were exported to other markets, giving Tesla 31,732 domestic sales in China in November.

Tesla MIC Nov
Wholesale: 52,859
Export: 21,127
(CPCA) pic.twitter.com/JgeqvmOSea

- Moneyball (@DKurac) December 8, 2021
In September Tesla reported 56,006 sales, followed up by another 54,931 sales in October.

That gives the company 163,796 made-in-China sales over the last 3 months alone.

Part of the reason for the high volume out of China is Giga Shanghai's recent switch to become the company's primary vehicle export hub. In October, the first month of the quarter, over 40,000 vehicles were exported to other markets.

The writing was on the wall for November being another blockbuster month. Recent drone flyovers of the factory showed Giga Shanghai's holding lot overflowing with new cars waiting to be delivered.

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