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Keep in mind here this could be a future option. Elon is committed to being on time and has said things that can't make the first cut will be postponed to later so as to not affect production start.

Pro tip: you can just supply the link to a tweet, our system will fetch it and embed it. No need to upload a picture of a tweet.

It would be awesome if there was 100-200W on 12V system available. Multiple additional features, like:
vehicle always online without draining main pack.
cabin overheat protection available without main pack (fan only mode).
glycol pump running for main pack thermal management (hot after Supercharging or heavy drive)
In some scenarios it is possible to keep main pack warmer during cold season (sunny winter day).
Prolonged ACC mode with music playing while having a Barbecue party - main pack offline.

I would definitely pay 200€ for that functionality :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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