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Tesla Model 3 with 10-foot wheels driving upside down [Video]

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YouTube views are a currency as good as gold these days, and WhistlinDiesal has uploaded one of the most ridiculous videos we have seen with a Tesla Model 3.

The YouTube channel submitted a Model 3 to various tests to test its durability. This included driving it with a wheel clamp, cutting through the rear seats via a chainsaw and summoning the vehicle through a closed garage door.

However, they saved the best for last. The team attached 10-foot custom steel wheels to give the Model 3 a dramatic ground clearance upgrade.

The vehicle was able to drive, and with so much ground clearance they were even able to flip it and drive it upside down. While that test was successful it did not do well going downhill. It ended, as you can imagine.

The video already has 2 million views and counting, so WhistlinDiesal is on to something. The channel also has some other crazy videos, including:

  • A Dodge Hellcat with horse and buggy wheels
  • A Nissan Skyline GT-R getting crushed
  • A Mercedes-AMG GH63 driving into a swamp before being dropped onto a house.

You can check out the video below:

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This guy always does the unthinkable. But destroying a perfectly good Model 3 for likes on YouTube is shameful. It just plain hurts. Unless it was a Florida flood salvage, then not so much.
It’s not the first troll video on youtube. I still remember the ones where someone would buy several iPhones (via several people in line) while they were scarce, and then destroy them immediately in silly ways just because making people angry generates millions of views. Then they use that ad revenue to do it again.

So I have a feeling this guy, especially since he had giant wheels custom made that were probably thousands of dollars each, has millions of views of every video from trolling people, and probably bought the Model 3 new because that much money is trivial when a YT channel is that big.
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