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Tesla Model Y customers in the UK told to 'Prepare for Delivery'

After a longer than expected wait, customers in the United Kingdom (UK) were finally able to place orders for the Model Y in October last year.

At the time the Design Studio indicated the first deliveries of the Long Range (LR) variant would begin in early 2022.

Tesla appears to be on track with that timeline. Some customers have reported receiving emails to 'Prepare for your Model Y Delivery'.

It's happening. Model Y deliveries in the UK are imminent.
Prepare for delivery mails going out now @elonmusk pic.twitter.com/bxSOzphFZb

- Tesla_Adri (@tesla_adri) January 7, 2022
Even though the account status has changed, it could still be a month or two before deliveries actually begin.

Tesla routinely sends out these messages and changes account statuses, but this is a good sign that the process to begin deliveries has started.

Since the first Model Y deliveries in the UK are slated to be Long Range variants, these cars will be imported from Giga Shanghai, and not come from Giga Berlin.

The new factory in Germany isn't open yet, but when it does get the green light the first cars rolling off the production line will be Model Y Performance.

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