Selling my four original 19" OEM slipstream wheels that came with my Tesla S, with GoodYear all season tires.
Thanks to the high curbs in Chicago, two rims have some minor scuff marks, the other two are pristine.
I am selling these as a decided to keep my 21" staggered Arachnid wheels permanently on my car with the new line of Michelin all season tires.
As I will have no more need to keep my 19" wheels as my winter set anymore, I am selling my OEM 19" wheels.
I live in Chicago, but if needed I can ship to you.
Asking price for all wheels + tires: $800 plus shipping .
As I am new to this forum, you can find my posting history on Tesla Motors Club, see also: Tesla S OEM original 19" slipstream wheels + tires for sale

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