Selling unplugged performance moderate springs if anyone is interested. These came off my car March 1st 2023. They were installed sometime between 7/31/2019 and 1/2020. I bought the car in February 2020. I never had any problems with the springs, but they made the car too low for me. Car was approximately 26 inches from Fender to Ground. I thought it looked nice and handled rear well, but not for me for general driving. I would rather not ship, but would consider it although looking at some quick estimates it seems extremely pricey. I will consider all reasonable offers.

The springs were on my 2019 performance. They are supposed to be moderate springs. From reading Unplugged site they don't list moderate for performance. The numbers on the springs are TM3DR15 on the rears and TM3DR21 on the fronts if anyone wants to investigate further. My suspicion based on how they dropped the car so low is they are supposed to go on the a RWD model, but Unplugged has said they are fine on the performance model. I have not been able to get a whole lot out of them but will update this if they give me anymore info. Attached picture of the springs in box and the car with the springs on that I took right before they were removed.