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One day after announcing their Supercharger network now totals more than 40,000 stalls worldwide, 6 of those stalls belong to a brand new station in Wynyard, Saskatchewan.

The Wynard Supercharger is located at the Wynyard Co-op Agro Centre at 571 South Service Road. The site features 6 V3 stalls and 2 FLO DC fast chargers.

The site isn’t yet available on the in-car navigation so we don’t know the rates, but the mobile app shows it is now powered up and available for Tesla owners.

Just saw in the Tesla app that Wynyard Supercharger is now online! @TeslaOwnersSK @pluginsask @saskevca pic.twitter.com/ljGRRlQtsF

— Matthew Demyen (@demyen) November 22, 2022

The Tesla website also shows the Wynyard Supercharger is now open.

With the opening there are now 11 Superchargers in the province of Saskatchewan. That number should grow to 12 early next year with the Yorkton Supercharger slated to open in Q2 2023.

Based on an accidental leak of locations by Tesla, the Yorkton Supercharger should be built at 277 Broadway St E.

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